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Photos of Oguz Kosebalaban inc. various Trips – USA , Egypt , Turkey

Below are various   photos of Oguz Kosebalaban

Oguz Kosebalaban at a reception , The U.S. Ambassador's residence , 2011 , Ankara Turkey













































































































































































Madame Freeberge, President of Latvia , on a Bosphorus cruise with Oguz Kosebalaban
















Radiocity New York
























August 2011 – My suggestion as a partial solution to hunger in Africa :
I am sure Australia also does countless imports from Africa ; yet Avustralia has got this problem of enormously growing Kangorou and camel population. They make fine peperoni ( sucuk in turkish ) from camels in Turkey. Camel travels well and even used to desert conditions :
Hey Avustralian government ( and the countries providing funds for hunger in Africa ) , ship those camels to Africa! Same may be considered for Kangarous; if live shipment is a problem, send them as pepperonis. Kangorou and camel for source of meat : read more at these links :

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Why is the attack to Kaddafi forces in Libya is welcomed by hesitation by Turkish authorities , Turkish people, and Middle East alike ?

Why is the attack to Kaddafi forces in Libya is welcomed by hesitation by Turkish authorities , Turkish people, and Middle East alike ? Simply because attacking to Libya by forces made up of western countries alone, without any participation from the countries of the same region , or religion; although these countries including Turkey were ready to bring support , just creates suspicion stated by Kaddafi himself :)) : ” Crusaders are attacking again ” , around the same time when the media ( papers , tv ) of the countries of the region share the pain of the ” one million widows” left without a husband in Iraq , which is considered to be a result of the invasion of Iraq by the US : That is why the US is not standing as the sole power in the attack to the state forces of Libya although the US is the prime power in the attacks directed to the Kaddafi forces. This is for the good cause ( to stop another Hitler from mass massacre – his own people ) , but if your main partner in this act is Moslem unfriendly ( banning of scarfes in France etc ) France , there are some calculations wrong there.  At the moment the UN forces is less like UN forces but the coalition of US , France, and UK alone.  This , then gives an impression that another petrolium rich country like Iraq will be occupied by oppurtunist western forces. May the US , wake up from a mistake and get the phisical support of countries erlcomed highly in those territories like Turkey , which will enforce the humanitarian nature of the attack to Libyan forces to protect the Libyans who are being massacred while trying to get rid of Kaddafi, the Hitler or   Saddam of the region, to retire soon.

The attack should more clearly be reflected as Libyans protected from Kaddafi, as opposed to Libya being attacked. Unfortunately, when you do not  include even one of  the nations of the region from the United Nations , and attack the Libyan government forces or army targets with civilian casualties that can not be avoided, this looks like Libya being attacked, not Libyans recued from Kaddafi.

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800 Year old Turkish Hydro-Robots of El Cezeri in Istanbul – Gulhane Park

Turkish Artuklu Dynasty  ( Artukid Dynasty )  has got 800 year old      extraordinary mechanical water operating robots gradually receiving  the attention they deserve. Finally in Istanbul Turkish authorities opened up a museum with a spectacular collection housing the robots of El Cezeri (  Al Jazari ) who is known to be an inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci.    The Museum is in Gulhane Parkı , adjacent to Topkapi Palace and Archaelogical Museum, short walking distance to Ayasofya and Basilica Cistern. The collection is not limited to hydro robots alone as the museum’s name explains.

Turkish hydro robot scientist El Cezeri

The water powered robots make use of different functions of water like syphoning, forming  clocks, water mills, toys for grown ups as well as children.


One can walk to this museum from Ayasofya in 5 minutes  following the tram railroad down the hil to face   the monumental gate of Gulhane Park , then simply keep to the left in the park , it is  the second building visible at a short distance.

tour combination idea

A combination to this museum for families with kids maybe Zihni Sinir’s warehouse :  The collectible creations of Zihni Sinir are available  at his ware house in Cukurcuma artisans District, get out from the streetcar ( tramvay ) at Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque , at Tophane ( cannon manufactury, 16 c. bce , today used as art gallery by Istanbul art university. Modern Art Museum is also a short walk from this stop. This tour can be combined with a tour of Istiklal Street, passed by the Cezayir ( Fransız – French ) Street.

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