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Istanbul to Ankara, Adana travel information

Istanbul to Ankara, Adana


Toll road makes it extremely safe with seperate 2 or 3 lanes for each side of the traffic . It is available all the way between Istanbul and Ankara .   Ankara to Aksaray  ( on the way to South towards Adana )  is a no fee “duble yol ”  meaning double road , meaning two lanes for each side.   After Aksaray, there is a portion one needs to take to toll road around Pozanti, it is unwise not to take the toll road, the free road ” free state road ” is curvy, not as safe, takes much longer time, not well maintained ( potholes ) , but scenic.

One would drive from Istanbul to Ankara in 4.5  hours with about the speed limt of 130km , if you speed up you can do the distance in 3 hours with speeds around 160km , but there are radar traps and you may get a ticket.

There is a good Turkey ( road ) mapyou may want to print at http://www.welt-atlas.de/datenbank/karten/karte-1-590.gif “click here” to view .



On the map, after Adana, driving through Konya to Istanbul looks like a short cut, but do not do it, because you end up losing time, and being on roads not as great as the multy lane comfort roads of the one , that is the choice of common sense bus or truck driver’s choice as well as sedans or suv’s.

Adana to Ankara is about 6 hour driving, Ankara to Istanbul is about 4 hour ,this is by car, safe driving speed, within limits: But that is too long ;  to make it safe it should not be done one shot. There are hotels in Cappadocia some of which are inexpensive , and the world goes to see it there. One or two overnights in Urgup or Goreme towns are  recommended.



If you will choose a 1- 2 day break on the way before Istanbul, the Goreme area ( Cappadocia ) of Nevsehir City is a prime visitor’s interest site in Turkey , and it is almost on the way. Google it , see some photos ; and the formations there attract visitor’s from all around the world, and it is almost on your way, try to make it. Easy. In that case, after Adana , on the road signs after Pozanti, look for Nigde, then head for Nevsehir, and then Goreme. The deluxe rock cut hotels like Gamirasu  are awesome, though there are the regular 5 stars or less expensive lodging as well.

Istanbul Ankara : 430km      4.5 hours



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