(not to be) Missed Turkey & Istanbul Sites and Facts

summer 2009 / more feed with intelligence to refine your tours

Few words on the new James Bond movie to be filmed in Turkey, and open invitation to movie makers for incredible Istanbul action movie sequences

( Else than being a member of the Turkish  travel industry,  I am also an independent short movie maker; and a photographer.  In other words I   have an eye for locations. I see these million dollar bueget movies wasting their sources with  Istanbul location advice that is not superior; so I am also making my humble but not inexpensive,  and so , valuable location advices available, especially for movie makers who will use the old town in their movies, so far I have sequence advises for chase scenes never used in a movie before; and yet, these are the words from a person with common sense and some ( short) movie making experience)

I think at times the best suggestion for a great location for an incredible movie sequence is yet to come; in this case for you the  makers of the James Bond movie  :  You do all right with your great Turkish contacts , however the best Istanbul chase seqeunce in the old town Istanbul will not be filmed until the movie makers contact me, may it be this one, or another. ( Personally I prefer realistic action movies like the ones with ………….    ) So my valuable feed could actually be waiting for them. No hurries.

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