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Is there a finer Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul?

In case you came across this article with a google search, here is the main address of my blog for quick access to more of my Istanbul content: https://mristanblue.wordpress.com/ One of the best ways to enjoy and experience Istanbul efficiently is going on a Bosphorus Cruise , but, possibly that cruise should not be this one ( the regular packed departure of city lines IDO ) , despite the fact that the fancy guide book you got usually gives you the details of this experience! waiting for you :

There are limited outdoor areas on the regular Bosphorus cruise , so you are stuck indoors with limited view :

bitter or better Bosphorus cruiseIs there a finer istanbul bosphorus cruise experience?

As in the photo above , you will possibly end up in an overcrowded – packed Bosphorus city line boat ( Bogaz Hatlari Vapuru ) departing across from Spice Market ( Egyptian Bazaar ) : The earliest departure being at 10.35 ; and enjoy a mediocre cruise experience, as in the photo below ; or you found this page and you have a bright option! :

Is there a better Bosphorus Cruise?

Yes there is; if quality is not meaning quantity for you, this departure from Ortakoy district in the afternoons is a truly good experience : You have outdeck seats with a nice outdect fresh air, Bosphorus experience : It departs from below the first suspension bridge, the pier is next to Ortakoy ( Buyuk Mecidiye ) Mosque.

better bosphorus cruise

* The photos above are from my visual Istanbul Guide for a better Istanbul experience .

Summer 2010 another option for those looking for a bit longer Bosphorus experience by IDO city lines :

Duration : 2 hours begins from and returns to Eminonu , departs at 2.30 pm

rate 15 lira ( 10$ US approx ) Eminonu is same area with Spice Market ( Egyptian Bazaar )

Bosphorus Cruise Loop

* Article is by Oguz Kosebalaban , professional Istanbul tour guide, with suggestions of finer ways to enjoy Istanbul , stepping up from tourist level tours to true experience with more insight. For more Istanbul notes like this: https://mristanblue.wordpress.com/

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