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Did Amazons live in Turkey?

Smyrna , the ancient name of the third largest city of Turkey is the name of an Amazon  commandent as mentioned in sources from Ephesus. In the Archaeological museum of  Selcuk ( today’s Ephesus )  of  Turkey there is a relief scene showing Amazons with exposed chests =)  making a definite remark on the gender. Ephesus in history is where the main warship is Artemis , and she is the patron goddess of the amazons who were according to the local clues were leaving in Ephesus.

There are sources  telling  that Amazons later  settled down in Turkish Black Sea coast. So you may wonder whether Amazons are alive in the blood of Turkish women in Black Sea region of Turkey ; this photo is published in Sabah – reliable =)  state owned daily newspaper’s web site ( http://www.sabah.com.tr/multimedya/galeri/yasam/gulmekten-olduren-yorumlar-523238154955?tc=124&page=48&albumId=39216  )

The photo shows these incredible American soldiers in action and a  woman  from Turkish  Black Sea coast. The city named Trabzon as the subtitle is a famous large city along black sea coastal line. ( For the naive reader, let’s mention  that , Turks also have a good sense of humour ) .

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