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Best baklava in Istanbul ( also the shobiyet )


If Baklava is not consumed on the day of production; everyday it gets soggy a 5 – 10%  ; and yet some of them  already come soggy. When you bite the fine baklava it talks to you; you should hear the breaking of the layers.
I prefer the baklava of two places in Istanbul; Hamdi Restaurant next to Spice Market has got its own seperate daily baklava manufactury and if I show up by 12.30 – 1 pm that ensures I get the right stuff. Though I like Sobiyet (: shobiyet ) better , this one has hot a thin daily milk cream ( kaymak)  layer in it, you can’t tell.
I came across with one visitor, among many who admired it highly, saying “I want to cry now.”
The other one is at least as good;  Canak (Chanak ) Restaurant in Acibadem district of Asiatic ıstanbul, accessible from kadikoy by public transport. Exact same feelings here ; and plus, katmer, a version of baklava with less layering, served warm , made to order is available.
I would avoid a place if baklava is not sold out by late afternoon , evening; or else they will sell it the following day. since this is not an every day – week desert for me, I only always eat it in these two places and occasionally at Gulluoglu of Karakoy. Gulluoglu feels like a larger scale production and still almost as good.  
I have tried other places enogh times to realise on and off they sell baklava left over from the previous day; and I know  in the first two places baklava usually  finishes and not available in the late afternoon. Try  baklava  with walnut for a change, although mainstream taste is one with pistachio in it.

Hamdi is also my favorite for  ( lamb and beef) kebab with pistachio, and infidel mountain salad. You are not entitled to talk about these bites without trying these places.

add on : My mother is from Gaziantep, and I spent proper time in Gaziantep to communicate on baklava 🙂
Oguz Kosebalaban

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