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Dressing Code in Istanbul – Turkey

dressing code in Istanbul

dressing code in Istanbul

Photographers in Turkey  love to take photos like this one  , showing contrasting eastern and western faces or conservative vs modern , religious vs secular or maybe in the eye of a devout person proper versus sinful 🙂
Yes the photo will be more artsy if you have proper light , better resolution and not much distraction to the main subjects; next time let me use models :))

The photo above is it is taken during the month of Ramadan , in front of Blue Mosque, and this is ground of the ancient hippodrome after the iftar ( after sunset – end of the day, end of the fasting ) . This is like an Islamic festival ground all Ramadan long after iftar; and you can try many sorts of home made meals to kebabs, deserts and view pious citizens enjoying themselves.
Originally at religious neighborhoods exposed shoulders like the girl in the photo is not proper , especially at a religious festival ground , but since the area is a prime tourist interest site and so close to all the hotels ; the very religious feeling of the festival ground seems to have been spoilt by the girl in the photo ( with two more friends of her ) . Elsewhere at a number of places , less conservative grounds, districts or events this could have been an okey outfit, but not necessarily right there ; and yet, let’s admit : She is so well prepared : Fİrst I saw her she had that shawl  around her neck covering her shoulder like her friends did; and growing the feeling for the neighbourhood the shawl just almost disappeared by going around the neck.  Good tacticks; not too respectful to the neighborhood, but well prepared.

Well this was evaulation of  the photo : In short any dress can be acceptible depending on situations. Turkey even has beaches where people go topless, however especially when it comes to visiting religious areas like Eyup distrcit or sites like mosques, proper dressing is required.  The dress of the girl above by covering the shoulder could even work in mosques ( courtyard is part of the mosque ) .

Exception for Blue Mosque ( Sultanahmet Mosque is its  genuine name ) : You could walk in to the courtyard with a proper short like a bermuda if the courtyard is not used for a warship to immediately go to the entrance to be  given  shawl to wrap around your belly ( in more conservative areas you will be required to put a scarf to your head as well – ladies only ) . If you walk around in shorts in the courtyard, 90% no one says anything but you may hurt the conservative people : That ground is built for their use and if you would like to share their ground with them , you need to notice their regulations, respect their faith. A proper dress, but hair exposed is considered okey in most mosques.

For a man ( and possibly for women ) a bermuda as long as the knee is good enough.  For the man it meets the exact Islamic regulation. Usually knee to be covered.
Enjoy your time in Istanbul ( Eyup district with the 5 min.  cable car ride to Pierre Loti Hill and the modern Sakirin Mosque in Asiatic Istanbul enhances your appreciation of the city ; Istanbul is not only old town, Bosphorus, Taksim square, 3 palaces 1 cistern, 1 mosque, 2 churches, 2 bazaars. If you believe you had good enough Istanbul by 2 -3 days in Istanbul ; that judgment is inadequate , do not read the rest of this  blog.

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