(not to be) Missed Turkey & Istanbul Sites and Facts

summer 2009 / more feed with intelligence to refine your tours

About the author

All of the practical information you will find in these pages are based on my own experiences.  An e-book version of these pages are at scribd.com , easy to find if you search  with my name added.

I am a former photo-journalist of the first Turkish parents magazine; so the photos you  at these pages   are from my tours or my work.  I realize some of these photos attract a number of  travel agencies and I began watermarking them, and I am about to take legal action against    those companies  using my photographic works  without my permission simply by copying them from my pages. But   feel free to ask for some decent complimentary Istanbul photos to commemorate your Istanbul days.   My  photography works can be viewed online,  look for  “bitter almond photography”  at  facebook .  Samples from  my  photoshop – photo manipulation   works are at http://fotoyenileme.wordpress.com/

I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences . I film documentary short movies; In 2007 International Istanbul Festival I began    to appear in the short movie directors listings for the first time.


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