(not to be) Missed Turkey & Istanbul Sites and Facts

summer 2009 / more feed with intelligence to refine your tours

Sacred non touristy destinations istanbul – Eyup District

Sacred non touristy destinations istanbul by istanbulinsider.

Gwendolyn (*)   disappeared going up the stairs through the gate behind her in the photo  to explore the women’s section of this truly impresive Eyup  mosque;  among top sacred religious sites of Islam in Istanbul, also sacred site  for all of the Moslems of the world ; next to the tomb of Eyup El Ensari ( Halid Bin Velid ) the flag holder of prophet Mohammed who passed away during the early Moslem’s siege of Constantinople. …and she disappeared for a little less then hald an hour. Since most visitors go in and out onr whole mosque in 5 -10 minutes, ı was beginning to wonder what was going on; and there she came back; with some experiences : The women reading Koran , praying and chanting offer her a seat ( that is usually you sit on your knees ) on the carpeted floor; and she enjoyed their company including exchanging of smiles; reading of comforting Koran. An experience she was not expecting she was touched by the warm welcome , the good company and a close up authentic Islamic prayer experience.

This just followed the Islamic sacred Friday noon prayer. Gwendolyn agreed in changing the schedule just slightly to stay for a lunch in that area for the prayer to be finixhed, and then her patience in return was awarded.
I believe Gwendolyn had some unique times because of her enthusiasm , openness and pozitiveness in all circumstancess.

We later took a wonderful cable-car ride up the Pierre Loti hill to sip our tea while enjoying  a  great Istanbul scenery. The tea came from a tea set boiling above a charcoal heater, with some imagination one could get the charcoal smoked flavour, or no imagination? )) Well, this is definately a treat, do not miss it!
( do this tour during the week or early on a weekend or there will be a cue for the 2 cable cars for 6 – 8 passengers on each.

*  Gwendolyn and  her husband, a top professor whose prophesies of economy could shake the world a bit
( he could only join us  on few occasions as  he was invited as a speaker to a world economy forum in Istanbul  ) were on a 4 day private tour of  Istanbul   with me , me as their private tour guide and host in Istanbul.

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