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Egyptian Bazaar – Saturdays to be avoided

Egyptian Bazaar is same as Spice Market ( closed on sundays like Grand Bazaar )

Egyptian Bazaar Istanbul comment by your tour guide in Istanbul

Egyptian Bazaar is the same as Spice Market . In many ways this is becoming the compact version of Grand Bazaar. Some of the spice vendors are replaced by craft or souvenier stores of almost all sorts one gets to see in Grand Bazaar.

It gets overcrowded on a saturday , though early morning will still be allright. On any day early morning visits to the bazaars will be a better option; will be less crowded, vendors will be fresh and not cranky.

Do not miss to see the courtyard of the neighboring New Mosque , one of the most impressive courtyards of an Ottoman mosque,  even more charming then the Blue Mosque’s courtyard. But do get dressed accordingly; shorts or exposed sholders upset the worshippers, and it is not proper.

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