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Weather in Turkey : Western Turkey & Cappadocia in Winter

Cappadocia Weather for December and rest of Winter : Within Cappadocia driving on snowy days works well with extra care , roads are maintained well, the inexperienced also do fine , the risk of accident of course increases. weather and statistics : Average snowy days in winter in Cappadocia will be around 25 days, in december there are 12 days with snow or rain. Since some snowy days are expected a little bit more in January and February risk of snowy day around 25 dec is a little less. JAnuary is typically expected to be more snowy then other months. But a number of dECEMBERS in the past Cappadocia was dry ; here is a sample weather from 25 dec 2008 : http://arsiv.sabah.com.tr/2008/12/25/hava.html Ankara may be similar to cappadocia on that page. http://www.dmi.gov.tr/veridegerlendirme/il-ve-ilceler-istatistik.aspx?m=NEVSEHIR Also : http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/world/city_guides/results.shtml?tt=TT004360 At night time there is a frost problem , night driving is not advised. No snow in these locations : Izmir, Kusadasi, and Ephesus are in the Aegean region under the Mediterrenean climate and it snows there like every 10 years or so briefly, symbolicly. This is also the same for the whole Mediterrenean region close to the sea level , from Antakya to Adana, to Antalya,Demre, Kekova, Fethiye, Kas, Bodrum. Around central Turkey Ankara, Konya, Cappadocia , there is a chance of having to drive under snowy conditions . The highway Istanbul to Ankara is deluxe, so to speak, it is a speedway, well looked after, but few days a year from snow around Bolu mountain the road will be blocked. My advise : 1.Drive around western Turkey 2. from Istanbul to Cappadocia a. if you buy a flight ticket in advance, it will be as inexpensive as a bus ride; b.or take a sleeping compartment train to Ankara or KAyseri and istead of Hotel pay it to the train c. Take a bus ride busses still do well in winter conditions. 3. Within Cappadocia – rent a car. Enjoy it – Oguz Kosebalaban professional tour guide / Istanbul / Cappadocia / Ephesus email : turkeytreasuretrove@gmail.com webpages – blogs : myistanbulguide.wordpress.com mristanblue.wordpress.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/23822697@N02/


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