(not to be) Missed Turkey & Istanbul Sites and Facts

summer 2009 / more feed with intelligence to refine your tours

The Most impressive Asiatic Istanbul visits

1.         Sakirin ( Şakirin )  Mosque   – Club Five times a Day

The only mosque of the world opened in 2009 and mentioned by all major tv’s and newspapers of the world like CNN, NY times , and my flickr photography blog ( as a matter of fact, if you google ” club five times a day” my photo from the mosque is the only one that shows up ( check my http://www.flickr.com/photos/23822697@N02/sets/  )

2.       Kadıkoy street market – walking district

The non touristy version of Spice Market ( same as Egyptian Bazaar ) area , including the fish and produce market , is Kadikoy  walking  district, across from the pier; you can get there by taking the Kadikoy passenger boat from across New mosque – Spice Market.

3.     Ciya Restaurant in the district above ( the live music sea food restaurants offer wine or raki, not available at Ciya.

4.     A superb  Gaziantep Restaurant is Canak ( Çanak ) at Acibadem district of Kadikoy , learn where to take the minibus.

5. Strolling to Moda from Kadıkoy looking at the antique shop and art gallery window displays and sip your tea with sea view from Moda iskelesi, or the waterfront tea gardens.

6.  Sunset Photography at Salacak facing Maiden’s tower, head on to Uskudar district Photograph Mihrimah Sultan Mosque of Uskudar and dine at Kanaat Restaurant.


7. Camlica hilltop  brunch on a weekend day to see traditional middle class  families enjoying a family day. A visit to Eyup district  is compatible.


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